Are Your Products Halal?


Sweet Zeek cosmetics are free of any animal product or byproduct and are therefore permissible for use by Muslims.


Are Your Products Vegan?


Sweet Zeek cosmetics are vegan. We utilize a synthetic wax base in our products which makes them suitable for our vegan customers.


Are Your Products Tested on Animals?


Sweet Zeek cosmetics are never tested on animals and our company policy is strictly against such practices.


What are the Ingredients in Your Lipsticks?


SILICA DIMETHYL SIYLATE: Used as an anticaking agent, bulking agent, slip modifier, viscosity increasing agent, emollient, and most often as a suspending agent


TRIMETHYLSILOXYSILICATE: Used as an anti-foamer, binder, and skin conditioning agent. 


CYCLOPENTASILOXANE: Used as a conditioner, delivery agent, lubricant and solvent.


DIMETHICONE SYNTHEIC WAX: An alternative to Beeswax (for vegan customers) it is used as binder, emulsion stabilizer, fragrance ingredient, and viscosity increasing agent.